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How To Make Your Henry Hoover Smell Nice

henry hoover vacuum cleaner

Now the Henry Hoovers are literally indestructable they can go on for ever and will still work even if you drop the bugger down the stairs something made to last. There is a complete family of them that provide different cleaning purposes that all work wonders, from washing carpets to sucking chunks of dirt. A few people have written in to us explaining that their henry hoover smells bad like of dogs or something similar. Now there are a few things that you can do to make your Henry Hoover smell nice and better. The best way to make it smell fresh is to change the bag and filter with a brand new one. The filter is where the bad smell comes out from most of the time. You will need to change both of these often especially if you have pets inside your house such as dogs or cats. But we have discovered a clever way to make your Henry Hoover smell fresher for longer using bicarb of soda.

1) Turn off the Henry Hoover.

2) Remove the cleaning bag from the motor.

3) Open the bag up and using a small teaspoon sprinkle an even amount of bicarb of soda across the inside of the bag. 

4) Give it a wiggle move it around and then refit the bag into the vacuum cleaner.
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