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How to make my car exhaust and engine louder?

Ok so you want to make your car exhaust system louder and deeper,do you want to turn heads when driving past?There are few ways make your car exhaust louder and turn it into a ricer that makes you into a boy racer.The First way is to drill a hole in the car exhaust back box,this will make it more louder and raspy and improve your engines gas flow,but will certainly reduce the life of your car exhaust system.Or the other way is to replace your stock exhaust system for a aftermarket exhaust system.There are also performance mufflers out there that give you that louder sound and more power gains!
Next way is to remove the cat pipe from your car's exhaust system and replacing it with a straight pipe or decat,the cat pipe is to stop bad gases coming out from your car exhaust.Removing this will fail you cars mot at a garage because your let out bad gas fumes,so put it back on before getting in serviced.
This is what a DE cat pipe looks like.
Removing the stock cat and replacing the muffler from your car exhaust system will make it really loud and raspy for the driver and also making throttle response more accurate,on the negative side reducing mpg.The cat is removed simply by a qualification car exhaust technician and replaced with a straight pipe with no cats.There many different systems with many prices and quality's such as stainless steel from uk and import manufactures and different range of tips styles and designs.

You could also making your engine louder by replacing your stock air filter with a aftermarket part like with a cold intake.It does make it louder and makes a kind of a aggressive sound.Any Aftermarket Cold intake Air box systems will make your car louder under the hood not from the exhaust,but you have to give it at full throttle to hear that loudness from the filter.A good air filter that boost's performance and engine noise is by k&n filters.K&N are good leading brand when it comes to air filter,they know what they are doing and have a filter for all cars and models.Cone air filters are meant to make the loudest induction noise.The thing is with air filters you got to put your foot down and hit high revs,that's the only way you can hear the intake noise from the air filter,but a decatted exhaust gives you loudness throughout the low revs and low gears and makes your car faster.But the down side on having a modded car exhaust system will make your car insurance quote higher,not much to make your wallet empty.Next up is if you want a aggressive sound,you need a car with a bigger engine,that got more power,like a v12 Mercedes cl600.A powerful engine will roar like a lion,while running costs will be to much trips to your local petrol station.Also getting a bigger engine car will make your car insurance quote increase!But if you can afford it then go for it!
Bad Points of a louder car exhaust
Having a loud car exhaust is nuts,turning all the heads you can turn.But the police don't seem to like noisy car exhaust system's due to noise pollution.My friend the other just got his Subaru Impreza exhaust system and he got a decat pipe fitted at the local garage.It sounded really loud and rumble, due to the boxer engine and the cat less pipe.The next day i seen him he told me that he got 6 points on his drivers license and his car got impounded He said that that somebody put a complaint towards his noisy car exhaust,so he went back to his stock exhaust system So keep your car exhaust loudness to a limit,or you could get heavy fine or up to 6 points on your drivers license!
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  3. What an excellent looking Exhaust System! I think your refinements look fantastic.

  4. Awesome work Clint thank you so much for taking pics and doing such detailed step by step instructions. Car Exhaust Systems

  5. in all fairness a decat is against the law anyways as it raises the emistions if you decat your exhaust you deserve to have your car impounded especialy a subru
    drilling holes is a mot failyer and againts the law aswell just do it properly and get a after market exhaust simples

  6. All I have on my 1500 92 Chevrolet pickup is a cat pipe and a Thrush glasspack. Loudest exhaust around. Never been pulled over, been on for months. However,I live in the country. So if you live out here, you can pretty much put whatever you want on.


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