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How to make your mobile phone louder

There are many Nokia mobile phones that lack loudness.Well of course a mobile phone is not a hifi,so how can it be really loud?If you want your phone music to play loud then  these 3 tips will help get more volume out of your phones speakers.You could just buy some add on speakers systems,but the bad points are that you have to carry battery's packs wherever you go with your speakers.So try these tips below,it should make your cell phone louder.

1)Go to settings in your default music and find a new preset in your music player equalizer,adjust all your equalizer bands bars to full,until they reach at the top.This will improve loudness on most Nokia and Sony Ericson's phones.

2)If you got a nokia mobile phone,eg nokia n95 8gb,then go to your music player and then select option menu,usually the right key.Then go down the list until you see audio settings,and click on it.You will see 3 extra options balance,loudness and stereo widening.Turn of the stereo widening and turn on the loudness.This should make your speakers sound much louder and clear when its comes to testing out your music.Leave the balance in the middle because moving that will not make any volume changes.

3)Upgrade your default music player with oggplay that can play more different formats of audio compression.Oggplay is really easy to use and supports flac and ogg files and plus it makes your music louder.Its is just a basic application that you download and install on to your memory card.You have to convert all your music files to ogg format.Then only you can control how much bass boost you want extra.If you don't convert to ogg format then you can't use the boost feature. It has its own unique skins and visualizations,so you can make your own skin.

Free oggplay download for your device

To use the volume boost feature you need to download oggplay and install it to your memory card root folder.The volume boost can be found in settings,playback and you will see in the list volume boost,click on it.Then like in the example image you can choose how much db gain you want to add.

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