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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas psp iso download

Question:I been on every guide that shows me how to play it,but i never seem to get it to work and Can you really get gta san andreas working for psp?

Answer:No you can not buy Grand Theft Auto San Andrea just yet ! There are many people that claim that you can get grand theft auto san andreas iso for the psp.This is not true because the game from a ps2 cannot be converted to play on a psp console.The ps2 has a different graphics chip compared to the psp's gpu.You can convert PlayStation one games,but not ps2 games.Why is it that ever guide or video that you follow does not work?Its because its just a wind up,so stop thinking that its going to work.Even if somebody found a way to really get it working on a psp,it will be really slow, full of glitches and suffer from slow loading times.So at the moment your best of playing either liberty city stories or vice city stories because Rockstar have not released a official copy for the psp yet.

There are many videos that shows gta san andreas game play,that makes you convinced that you can download and have it as well.All they do is download a video of san andreas game play recorded from a xbox or pc version.They then covert the video to mp4 format using psp video.They then use video converters to make the resolution match psp screens resolution,so it looks like the game is playing.Then they record a video showing that they are really playing the game.But really,just playing the gta san andreas video that they made or downloaded and pressing buttons like there are driving in the game.

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  1. yes you can use psp gta san andreas in psp the difference is psp is gta san andreas stories is for psp


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