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What time does electricity rates be cheap ????????

A question that many ask is electricity is going to be cheaper in the night than using it in the day time? Well the answer is yes it is 100% true and it is a true fact because, less demand of using energy after 12.00 according to statics is being used.So yes there is going to be cheaper electric power rates at night and many good companies will or should offer you electricity at a lower rate if your been a good customer for a while or you have not switched constantly to different various companies.So if you use power hungry house holds goods such as kettles,microwaves,heaters,washing machines and tumble dryers and any other electrical devices that take huge amounts of electricity then using them during cheap times can save you on your next bill and save you some extra money in your pocket.

Usually in most occasions the cheap rate of electricity supply companies or providers drop there price of usage,which are recorded in units (kWh).Most of the time its cheap at really late times during the night.The cheap time in the Uk is times around about or usually 12.00 am till 6.00 am is the time were it goes cheap.But first you should check with your provider first because it can change from time to time,also it depends on what your chosen selected tariff plan is and offers you have selected.
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