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How to fix a Nokia phone that has a error in connection

There are many Nokia mobile phones models such as the: 6230i, 6233, 6300, c3, 6280, 6288 and the 6500 that can have connections problems when you try to make a call or text. The Nokia connection message puzzles many as it is a random problem users face. But don't worry because i have some great solutions that you can try out an solve the weird connection error message from happening again.

 Ok so here just below are possible solution that you can try to solve the problem.

*Check your coverage of your network in your area were you currently live in. Sometimes you network provider can have a weak coverage in your area, therefore your phone displays no signal.

*Ring your networks customer service and ask is there any phone transmitters down or are they doing any maintenance work in your area. Sometimes networks upgrade there phone masts to increase and strengthen there network coverage. When mobile phone providers are upgrading there transmitters you will get no network coverage.

*When the error in connection message is displayed on your Nokia phone, take out the battery and after 30 seconds put the battery back in. Once you have done that turn on your mobile phone and wait for it to boot up to the menu. Talking the battery out and putting it back into the mobile phone can usually get rid error in connection from happening again.

*Restore factory settings by going into the settings, see your phone's user manual for more Pacific instruction on how to master reset your phone. If your Nokia phone asks for a code when you reset it type in the default code which is 12345, unless you have changed it. What this method will do is reset all the settings and give your phone's firmware a new life. If you decide to reset your Nokia you might loose your important contacts and messages. To prevent this from happening make sure you back them up using Nokia back up software just to be on the safe side.

Below is a excellent link that shows you step by step instructions that show how you can reset your Nokia phone.

How to reset your Nokia mobile phone to factory settings

*Try to update the firmware version of the handset to the latest version. Older firmware versions can have bugs and errors that can cause the error when you try to make a call or text. I have updated my Nokia 6230i and i no longer receive a error in connection.

*Replace the antenna can always be the most common fix towards this annoying problems. Sometimes if you phone has been water damaged or dropped your phone's antenna can get damaged. When replacing your mobile phone antenna yourself special tools and equipment may be required.

If all these above solutions did not work then there is a problem with the phones hardware. So i guess the next step is to find a Nokia schematic for your model and work out were the problem is occurring. Usually a quick fix is to reheat the ic chip using a soldering iron in case there is any cold solder joints.

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  1. Hey thats a cool information i was looking for that kind of information for a long time thanks

  2. Many thanks for posting something like that. I could repair the nokia 5230i phone from my father with 'Restore factory settings' as it was giving "error in connection" by every outgoing call.


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