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How to make your car subwoofer louder

Is you car subwoofer not loud enough? Well I have to say that there are many people that are into car audio systems and are not satisfied with the volume level there subwoofer can produce. Still there are a number of things you can do to make you car subwoofers much louder which are below:

1)Run more rms wattage can help increase the loudness of the speaker itself. In general the more watts your car amplifier produces output to your subwoofer, the more db's you will gain. Running more rms power can empty your wallet because loud audio equipment does not come cheap always remember that!

2)Increase the hz frequency on your car amplifier can also help making your sub louder. This is because the higher the tuning frequency the increase of the amount of hz cycles. The more hz cycles there are the more louder your subwoofer will be. The less hz cycles the more sound quality and vibration you will gain from your subwoofer. I say tune your amp to 50 hz to gain maximum spl but you might find it kind of annoying when you are bumping bass and driving you car at the same time.

3)If your subwoofer is placed in a sealed enclosure box then build your own custom ported box. Sealed is good for accurate sound, but sucks for loud bass. However a ported subwoofer box is more louder and more boomy, which is ideal for a loud bass head!

4)Fill your subwoofer enclosure with polyfill can help increase the volume level of your subwoofer. Its simply buying a cheap bag of polyfill and stuffing it into your subwoofer box. What polyfill does is it tricks the subwoofer driver into thinking it is placed in a larger box with more cubic volume.

5)Adding a power capacitor can increase the loudness of bass and make your sub hit more harder on music demand. What a power cap does is hold a electrical charge and realises that charge directly to the car amplifier when your subwoofer requires it. A power cap can come in many different shapes. Make sure when you are buying a power capacitor you match the correct farad with your car amp total rms output.
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