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How To Enhance The Sound Quality on a MP3 Player

If you want to enhance and increase the sound quality on your own mp3 player, below are all the possible:

1)Don't use lossy audio compression formats. The reason why i say this is because lossy audio compression, reduces the amount of detail in the song, therefore reducing sound quality. If your mp3 player support loss less formats, such as flac and ogg, then i recommend you use them instead of mp3. Higher sound quality files take up more space, but are much more enjoyable to listen to. If your mp3 player doesn't support loss less formats, then still use mp3, but instead re-rip all your music from it's original source at 320 kbps.

2)Use a better set of earphone's or headphone's, which every suits you the best. Earphones that are supplied with most mp3 players, don't have the ability to produce high detailed sound quality. So i strongly suggest you upgrade them because believe me you will notice a difference!

3)Use a earphone amplifier because it can provide better sounding sound quality. These type of amp's are beneficial because they produce a cleaner output signal, which reduces the chance of distortion. These can be priced around £15 + to buy.

4)Make sure your mp3 player is not being powered by dead batteries. Dead batteries can have a major impact on sound quality and loudness.

5)Play about with its built in adjustable equalizer and tweak around with different sound frequencies.
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