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How To Fix a GameCube That Wont Read Discs

If your Nintendo Gamecube won't read discs, then it is probably because of either a dirty or scratched disc, dirty laser or the console need a replacement laser. I also owned this console in the past and i fixed this problem, by apply the following tips that are below:

1)Remove the disc, from the Gamecube console, and clean the shiny side on the disc, using a lint free soft cleaning cloth because the disc might be dirty and have fingerprints on it. Reinsert the disc you just cleaned into the Gamecube, does the console read the disc? If no is the answer, the disc could be damaged, from scratches, which is the most common cause why the Gamecube doesn't read discs. Remove the disc from the console and examine the disc is it scratched? If it is, you might be able to repair it, using cheap toothpaste. Below is a excellent video that shows you how to remove scratches for a disc, using toothpaste.

2)The console laser could be dirty, so buy a laser cleaning kit, that contains cleaning liquid and a cleaning disc. Using that disc and liquid, clean the laser, instructions will be provided with the kit.

3)If you have cleaned the laser and the Gamecube still doesn't read discs, then it is because the laser has become faulty and it will need replacing.
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