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How To Use Your Nokia N95 as a Web Camera For Your Computer

The Nokia n95 has an excellent camera, therefore it can has great potential to use it has a web camera for your computer. Thanks to the developer who created a free software that you can download for free called 'Wwigo', you can use it to make the Nokia n95 communicate with your computer, using Bluetooth to  transform your Nokia n95 as a wireless web camera, which means you can take the Nokia n95 around your house and web cam without any wires!

Instructions on how to get setup:

1)Download Wwigo onto your computer, and install it onto your Nokia n95. You can install it by either connecting your mobile phone to your computer, using a usb cable, or you can use bluetooth.

2)Once the software is installed on your Nokia n95, hook up the Nokia n95 to your computer, using a bluetooth dongle.

3)Once the Nokia n95 is hooked up to your computer via bluetooh, you should be setup to use your Nokia n95 as a web camera.
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