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How To Connect a Second Wireless Controller To a Xbox 360 Console

If you have your friends or family that want to play Xbox games with you, using the multi-player option in a game you want to play together, you will need a second controller hooked up your Xbox 360 console. There are two types controller you can buy, a wired controller and a wireless. Both to the same job, but the wireless one has no wires, although it takes 2 AA batteries on the down side and they will constantly need replacing. Once you have a second controller, if it is a wireless one, use the instructions provided below to get it connected to your Xbox 360 console:

1)Insert 2 AA batteries into the controller, this is by removing the rear battery holder and inserting the batteries into it and then replace the battery holder  back onto the controller.

2)On your Xbox 360 console there will be a small circular button, placed near the second memory card flap. There is also a button on top of the controller, what you need to do is press them both at the same time.

3)Once you have done that, the second controller will be connected to your Xbox 360 console. If you want to add more controllers, apply the same method.

If it is a wired controller, then all you need to do is the plug it into any free usb port on your Xbox 360 console.
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