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How To Use The Fan Test On a PS3 Slim To Clean It

The PlayStation 3 if a powerful gaming console that can get really dust inside, if this happens, the console can overheat because dust can block air ventilation. Thankfully, Sony made a fan test, this allows people to clean the ps3 console internally, without having to open it up and void the warranty. Many people claim that the fan test is bad for the ps3 console, which is not true because the fan test is actually safe because it is helping the console blow out all the dust from the rear air vents.

Instructions On How To Do The Fan Test On a PlayStation 3 Console:

1)Turn off the console.

2)Then remove the electrical outlet cord from the ps3 console, this is found on the rear of the ps3 slim console.

3)Hold down the eject button, found at the front of the console and also insert the electrical outlet cord into the ps3 slim console.

4)The ps3 slim will command itself to carry out the fan test. When it is finished, the console will automatically power off.
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  1. just done it aha.

  2. worked a treat thanks

  3. Thnx just done it


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