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How To Clean a Car Exhaust Muffler Backbox

If you cleaned the bodywork, wheels and interior of your car, the only that will make the car disappointing to look at is a dirty looking exhaust muffler. The exhaust allows hot exhaust fumes to exist through the muffler, this can cause the colour of the outer metal around the muffle to look burned and discoloured. You could get a jet wash and place the spray hose into the exhaust, but that will cause the inside of it to rust, which will shorten its life. Well i have avoided this method on my own cars muffler, so i have came up with an alternative method that works great and brings back that shine, without any negative effects happening to the exhaust.


1)Get either a dry towel or 3-4 paper towels and using either of them, give the exhaust muffler a good scrub, this is to remove unwanted soot and dirt, as much as possible.

2)Then go into your kitchen and using a spoon, mix about 1 teaspoon of washing up liquid, with a quart of water that is warm, from a hot tap, or kettle.

3)Using a old rag, rip it into the cleaning solution your have made, and scrub the rag all over the outer exhaust. The cleaning solution you have generated is excellent of getting rid of thick grease and nasty stains.

4)You can then give it a good final polish, using aluminum polish, using a soft fiber cloth. Simply apply the polish onto the outer muffler, then using your cleaning cloth, give it a good rub, with a bit of elbow grease! Polishing the muffler using specialized polish helps it look brand new factory look and also helps prevent it from getting greasy and dirty.
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