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Can You Change Disable Road Tax To Normal, By Post Office?

If you have bought a vehicle that had a previous owner that was disabled, then they will have a disable road registered on the log book. This is so they can benefit from paying less money for the tax, than we do. If you have bought a car and the owner is disable, if the disabled owner is going to use their disable tax disc on a another car in their name, then they will have the right to remove it from your car. Even if you keep it, you still can't use it and if you get caught, then you are highly likely to pay a fine and have points on your driver's license because you 're not disable and not eligible using it, so it's just to worth taking the risk. If you get caught using it by the Police, it will end up costing you more than getting a normal tax disc, so thinking about it wisely.

To get around this you have to change the disable tax class to normal, so you can get a brand new tax disc that is for private use. You can't go to the Post Office to change the tax class, i was in this situation and i have already tried it. From my experience, you will have to directly go to the nearest DVLA office and bring all your vehicles documents to change it. Then you can retax the car as a normal driver. Just to let you know that it will be more than a disable road tax, so don't get a shock, if the disable owner says he paid less, when you were speaking to him.


  1. As most DVLA offices have been closed now you can make this change now at any major Post Office - takes about 10 mins top.

    1. thank you so much, spent ages trawling through dvla, but found nothing useful , and you just sorted it in seconds, many thanks , ann

  2. im in same position so is it correct i can change it at post office

  3. is this a new ruling last time i tried you could only do it the other way at a post offic

  4. is this a new rule . last time i tried it , you could only do it the other way round

  5. Hi, my dad gave me his car as my Clio got wrote off in a bad accident he had a new car so gave me a river 45 . however it was on my mom's disabled tax class . Dvla website was of no help (as most have Saud on this forum!) So I went to post office they did it there and then and even set up monthly direct debits, however they kept hold of my logbook and said they had to send it off .. which I said yeah that's fine, but 5 or so weeks have gone by and I still haven't received the logbook in my name through the post .. is this normal or is it possible something is wrong? I'd have thought it would be just the same as normally changing registered keeper on a logbook but maybe a little longer due to changing tax class? Can anyone shed some light on this at all?? Thanks in advance, Si

  6. It's pretty normal, Sy. In their Literature, they say it takes about 6-8 weeks, so I wouldn't start to worry yet. ;-)


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