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How To Disable & Turn Off PS2 Slim/Fat ModChip

A PS2 with a soldered modchip installed will allow you to use the console to play backup copies of your original games you own. This is a great advantage because you can store away your original PlayStation 2 games and instead use your homemade burnt backup copies you have made. So if any of the backup copies of the games you own do get badly scratched or damaged, then you can simply burn another fresh copy, since you have the original game. But having the modchip switched on all the time, can cause your PS2 console to have problems with reading DVD movies, so you will need to turn off the modchip.

These instructions have worked on numerous PlayStation 2 chipped modified consoles both fat and slimline models. So why not give it a try?

1) If your PS2 console is powered on, power it off by holding down the 'Reset' button. The led indicator should turn from 'Green' to 'Red'.

2) Then hold down the 'Start' button found on the dualshock 2 controller. 

3) Press the 'Reset' button on your PS2 console. Your television screen will appear with a message saying 'Disabled'.

4) Press the 'Reset' button again and the console will reboot with the modchip turned off. 

5) If you want to turn on the modchip, then power off the console and power it back on.
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  1. wow thanx this worked on my first try

  2. thanks again I have matrix infinity v1.88 and that works with it.


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