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How To Fix & Prevent a Projector From Overheating That Turns Off

A projector is a device that is used to project a picture onto a wall or a plain white sheet. You will see projectors used in gaming and home cinema because they have the ability to provide a large picture in high definitions resolutions. If you have been using your projector frequently, overtime dust will gather up inside the device and onto the cooling filter. The trapped dust will then cause the air flow inside the projector to become suffocated because it can't escape out of the blocked air vents. This can immediately cause the cooling fan to spin really fast and sound loud, it will then cause overheating to occur to your project and it will shut down. All projectors have a built in feature that automatically powers itself off when the internal temperature reaches beyond normal operating temperatures, so don't worry its normal for it to happen. If you have this problem with your projector, giving it a good external clean with a vacuum cleaner will usually fix it.

1) You will need to obtain a household vacuum cleaner, so you can use it to remove the dust found on different parts of the projector. Once obtained, get the vacuum cleaner plug, then insert it into the nearest wall socket and switch it on.

2) Power on your vacuum cleaner, point the nozzle in the direction towards the air vents found on the projector. Most projectors will have numerous air vents placed around all sides of the device, so clean them all. While you are cleaning, the dust will get transferred from the projector and into the hoover bag. When you have finished vacuuming the dust, you can then switch off the vacuum cleaner.

3) Next you will need to clean the internal filter. Overtime, this filter will become clogged up with dust and dirt. The filter prevents the dust and dirt from getting inside the actual projector and instead gets stuck onto the filters foam. So to begin with, you will need to locate the filter on your projector, usually it's on the front side near the bulb. If you can't find it, i would suggest you to read the user manual that is supplied with the projector and have a look to see were the filter is.

4) Once you have found the location of the filter, you will need to remove the filter from the projector. So remove the filter by pressing down the tab. Once the tab is pressed down, the filter will unlock itself from its housing and you can then remove it.

5) Now that the filter is removed, switch on your vacuum cleaner and point the nozzle towards the foam of the filter. Make sure that you cover all areas of the filter and clean around the filter housing where the filter goes into. When you have finished cleaning it, switch off your vacuum cleaner and reinsert the filter back in.
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