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How to make crap cheap speakers sound good

Most car speaker that come standard with your car are made out of cheap material which is paper cone.Paper cone speakers can give really bad sound quality and have less durability then aftermarket speakers.They tend to wear down more quicker and the cones can get holes and tears which means they can damaged more easily.Paper cone speakers are more expensive to repair then aftermarket speakers and sound fuzzy.There are ways to get better good sound quality from your standard car door speakers and 6x9's.But don't worry if you don't have the cash handy to buy expensive brand new replacement speakers because i will tell you some great tips in this guide to help you get better sound quality with out replacing with new speakers.

1)Replace you car head unit with something that has more features as stock car head units are really boring.Upgrading your car head unit will increase sound quality by 36%.Stock car stereos have loads of distortion when you turn the volume to the max level,as they really can't handle abuse.There are many brands to choose from so i suggest that you check the reviews before buying a new cd player for your car.On most aftermarket car head units have extra equalizer settings than lets you control bass,treble and midrange frequency's without using a passive crossover which is great.Make sure you don't overpower or underpower the speakers as this will only result in the end with blown speakers with burnt out voice coils.

2)Buy a little cheap small amplifier that matches the rms watts and ohm impedance load of the speakers its usually 4 ohms.You will get better sound quality and more loudness know as sound pressure just by adding a small external amp without changing any speakers.The only thing is you need to buy a wiring kit and that costs a fair bit plus you have to rip your car apart to install the amp.Buying a car amp can help stop crackling noises and background hissing.

3)Get hold of a screwdriver and take you cars door card off and get access to the speakers screws.Get the screwdriver and tighten the screws nice and tight.This stops the chances of excess vibration that destroys sound quality for any audio enthusiast.The car door acts like a enclosure and works in a similar way just like a mdf subwoofer box made out of wood for subs.

4)Get hold of a  cheap sound proofing kit that contains sheets of stick on material that is applied to the inside of your vehicle,typically used for deadening sound.This is the cheapest solution to grab some extra sound quality for a small amount of money instead of buying a amplifier it should to the trick.

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  1. After all that you could get some great new speakers from online that will sound better than the "crap" ones with all the other stuff applied... XD

    Paper cones don't always sound bad - only the cheap drivers do, and this is more because of the motor/voice coil assembly than the cone itself...

  2. This article is correct though it is real basic. As he stated most stock and even the supposed "Premium Upgrade" are usually junk. Especially the non premium upgrade. This will usually consist of real cheap paper cones and cheaper yet paper whizzer tweeters. The actual head unit(the stereo) in cars are getting a little better these days. Although for the most part still are inferior to aftermarket headunits. Subaru is notorious for installing crappy radios/speakers. A basic (non dvd/nav) from a reputable manufacture should run you about $150. Either replacing the stereo or speakers usually will get you a improvement. This will be better if you replace both the headunit and speaker. Entry level replacement speakers run about $50 bucks and are for most parts way better than the cheap $10 speakers that come with the car. The speakers that come with the car quickly deteriorate and after 6-7 or years will start to sound like crap basically. If your car is under 5 years old sometimes a headunit upgrade will often give satisfactory improvement. Although if you turn it up the volume it will sound distorted. This is because the factory speakers often are only made to handle about 15 watt RMS. This is perfect since the cheap factory speaker only hold about that much. All in all you should be able to do a simple upgrade for about $300 this includes any wires and harnesses you might need. Now where they get you at if you are not a DIY person is in the installation. Most car stereo shops are ripoffs. They will charge you upwards of $300 sometimes more for a simple swap of a headunit and speakers which doesnt usually take more than 2 hours for an experienced installer. They also like to overcharge you for any needed adapters or harness. For example they will charge $50 for a $15 harness. Or $50 for a $10 speaker adapter. If you go to one of these places i suggest you research and bring everything you need to them. Also ask upfront what it will cost. As they love to nickle and dime next you thing you know your paying $400 for a 2 hour job.

    PS..As the other poster stated not all paper speakers are junk. In fact some of the best speakers out there are made out of paper. This isnt the same type of cheap cardboard type paper used in factory speakers but special paper that is treated and double pressed and reinforced. Also the magnets on factory speakers are small and the coils small etc.


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