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How speed up your internet connection 100% more faster

From time to time internet connections and your internet browser speed suddenly drop and slow down.There are many reasons why that can happen,well in this guide i will tell you all the tips and tricks on how you can suddenly make you internet lighting fast.

1)The first tip will be to clear the cookies cache because clearing will help remove all the browsing history and internet files and data.Internet temp files are usually stored on your pc or laptop,by clearing them you free up your browser from stress.
2)Change your web browser to Mozilla Firefox will certainly help loading times and help page 's load much more faster if compared to windows internet explorer.There are other internet browser's such as the Opera mini desktop or Google Chrome version,that are also great to enhance you web experience and speed things up with any cost.

3)Call you broadband providers customers service or helpline and ask them why you are getting slow speeds because experiencing slow speeds can be because of a bad network connection or your provider is doing so maintenance to its broadband server.The provider have all the tools to check your internet conenction from there side usually without a technician come to your door step.

4)Update your routers firmware to the latest version.You should update because the older version that you might have or currently have a bug or appear faulty.So if you do decide to update your router then it should fix the bugs and give you a slight increase in bandwidth,uploading and downloading speed as well you shoulf go and try it.

5)Turn off your pc or laptop or restart it up again should help reset the router configuration and reset the router.Sometimes the the configuration settings of your router can get corrupted resetting the router restores the settings to default..
6)Sometimes its not your internet conenction or web browser its has to be your pc or laptop.First try to get rid of all the extra files and junk that you don't use or need and start deleting stuff away to free more hard drive space and speed up you cpu and free up wasted ram.Also remove any programs that run at the same time when your browser runs,because the more applications you open together while running your internet browser the more your browsers ram gets used up so watch out ! If there is still no luck then i suggest buying a new pc or laptop which ever suits your needs best or upgrade you ram memory to at lest 4gb to tell the real difference and replace your stock cpu with a faster,new,better and longer lasting processor will help to process web page more faster. 

7)Well you have no choice to switch your broadband provider if the first 6 ways in this guide did not work.Sometimes it really does depend on your broadband provider because some isp are always better than others.So either change to fiber optic and do not get a dial connection that runs using a phone line which is just a waste of time.Or you can also try to upgrade your internet connection speed for a few quid extra,if your running 2 mb then i recommend you jump right away to 10 mbps you will be much happier and you will enjoy the experience much more.

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