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How to make your mobile phone charge faster

Well we all get really annoyed when we take our mobile phone off charge and the battery pack is low and its still dead after or more than 5 hours of constant charging. This can be a problem for the people that want there mobile phone to charge quickly. So today in this guide i will tell you all the possible ways on how to make your cell phone charge up your mobile phone more faster.

1) If you have had you handset for a while then you need to buy a new rechargeable battery pack that fits your phone model and make.Usually most mobile phone battery's need replacing after a 1 year period.Mobile phone battery's can't last forever the start to leak or the cells loose charge and voltage.

2) Make sure you are using a original charger that came brand new with the phone box.Mostly when people chargers break down or stop working they replace them with cheap fake chargers that are really poor quality and they charge your mobile phone really slowly.Fake chargers are cheaper but the take much longer time to charge the battery fully so you have to wait much much longer indeed.

3) Reset you mobile phone once in a while can help the battery refresh itself.Check your user guide manual to see how you can reset your device.

4) Let the battery life fully finish and keep powering on the phone until it stops turning on.Make sure you try all your hardest to make sure there is no power left in the battery.Once is completely flat out then plug in your charger and charge it up.Doing this will help the dead cells in the battery jump up again and make them alive which results in more battery life and reduces charging times the next time when you decide to charge it.

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