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4 Tips for reconing subwoofers and speakers

These days many people decide to keep there woofer if the voice coil burns out mostly because there car amplifier produced to many rms watts resulting in overpowering.The cheapest solution to fix the damaged cone is to order a brand new replacement recone kit.Reconing a speaker is cheaper then buying a new subwoofer.Its is only worth reconing if it is a really expensive high quality sub that is worth the recone.Reconing sound very easy to do but its actually not!

These speaker recone tips work for tweeters,midrange speakers and subwoofers.The tips are just all below and should find them very useful to help you get the job done right.

1)When ordering a recone kit for your subwoofer make sure its the right recone kit.When you are ordering it make sure you double check the make and model number of that recone kit matches for your sub.Don't make this mistake because you will waste your money and time.

2)Before reconing the voice coil on a old subwoofer make sure you watch some videos and read some tutorials that show you how to recone it probably.Doing this will gain you some extra knowledge on how reconing is done to get it perfectly done.

3)Do some audio research and find out is it cheaper to throw away that blown up sub and buy a new sub.Or is it cheaper to order a recone kit which works out the cheapest solution and replace and repair it yourself?

4)Check on your car or home amplifier that everything is right and make sure the wiring is all correct.Sometimes it can be the wiring what make your sub not work and can trick you to think that the voice coil has passed out.

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