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How to make your own 6x9 speaker cut out template

There are many printable templates that you can cut out as holes but they are never accurate.So its best to make your own all you need is a few things:

Things you will be needing to make your own 6 by 9 speaker housing template:
*Spare wood
*A marker pen
*A jigsaw
*A 6x9 speaker

1)Get hold of your piece of wood and place it on a flat surface such as a table.
2)Get you 6x9 car speaker and place it on top of the wood straightly and accurately.
3)Now grab your marker pen and draw around the speaker nice and slowly, so you don't make a mistake.
4)Once you have marked the 6x9 speaker shape on the wood, get your jigsaw and plug it in.
5)Using your jigsaw, cut around the marker pen outline that you just made.
Should look something like this.
6)You should now be left with a oval looking shape which is now a stencil that can be used to make custom made boxes or installing 6x9's in the rear parcel shelf without making a mess.
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