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How to make Xbox 360 controller batteries last longer

The only downfall on the Xbox 360 console is the controller that comes with it does not have a built in pack of rechargeable battery's, that you can charge using a usb cable.You either have to buy disposable batteries or your own separate recharge kit which costs more extra money and sucks.Well anyway in this post today in this post i will let you know some great tips to improve the battery life of your controller.

1)Buy good battery's as they last much longer then the cheap Powercell £1.00 for 24 battery's.Good brands that make long lasting batteries like Duracell or Energizer will never let you down in long gaming sessions.

2)Don't leave your controller on when you are not using it and don't also leave your console on.Turning the controller and console off will save at least 25.6% more battery life, plus save you some money on your electricity bills.

3)If you are going to buy a recharge snap on cover kit for your controller make sure its not a fake! The fake battery packs and chargers can explode and cause a fire as they have not been tested by Microsoft with a controller.Fake battery's don't last as longer as original battery packs and take more longer to charge up.So my advice is to spend that extra money on a original battery pack that made by Microsoft.

4)Don't do any mods to the controller for black ops or other shooting games as these mods take more battery power.More power means less battery life.If you have a modded pad that has led lights buttons, that will also reduce the battery life.If your battery life shown on the Xbox 360 dashboard is nearly finished turn off the rapid fire on your controller to save more power.

5)Turn off the vibration function from the game's option menu or settings can help too.
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