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How to make your car engine sound louder?

1)Change your stock air filter is the cheapest way to increase speed and make your engine sound more better and more aggressive for peanuts.A car air filter is simple to change just involves locating your cars air filter in the engine and then swapping the stock air filter with a aftermarket filter.

2)Get a cold air intake system and replace it with the stock air filter system.This can help make you engine sound more louder through higher rev rpm's and it can give you a boost in torque and horsepower if fitted correctly and if the cold air intake if made from a quality manufacturer.

3)If your car already comes with a turbo charger, as a stock performance part, then you can add a blow off valve. A blow off valve is used to allow the turbo to release it's pressure. When it releases its pressure, it will create a psshhh noise and it will turn many heads, as you are driving past. If your car however doesn't have a turbo charger, you can add a turbo charger to the engine.

4)Get your cars computer flashed by a car tuning expert and tell him that you are want the ecu remapped to increase it's boost psi pressure. The more psi the turbo charger produces, the more pressure, making the blow off valve sound really loud, when you are changing gears.
5)If your driving slow, then you can't hear the cold air intake and the turbo spooling up and blow off valve blowing off. So give your car a good rev, if you do, the more the louder the exhaust and engine parts are going to sound, but remember not to do that on public roads. The reason why i say is because you are likely to loose control and crash your car or get a expensive fine and points on your license from the police. If you want to rev your car in the high rpm range, take you are your car to a racing track, it is safer and more fun, i know because i have been with my Toyota Supra.

6)Change the complete car exhaust system to something aftermarket and add a decat pipe to it. A decat pipe gets rid of the catalysis converter, so you won't pass your MOT if you take your car in for a test and the decat pipe is on the exhaust. The decat pipe is also know as a straight pipe, it just a metal pipe nothing special, but they are expensive to buy because of the price of metal is increased. If you can't afford a performance car exhaust, i recommend a cheap little backbox for your car, it will add a little noise to your car, it will do the job, until you gather some cash for a proper car exhaust system!

7)This might sound silly, but drilling holes into the backbox of the car exhaust makes it more louder. So if your have a crap car that is not worth putting on thousand pound performance exhaust system, then get hold of a electrical drill and drill some small hole the exhausts backbox and to make it more louder ,drill some holes in the silencer.

8)Replace the stock headers with aftermarket headers. If you do, you will gain more performance and if you use equal headers, the car exhaust will sound louder, but if you unequal header the car exhaust will not sound louder but more deeper, making it sound similar to a Subaru Impreza turbo.
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  2. I have installed 1.6v Exhaust to my new Accord sounds like Lamborghini and its just awesome.


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