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What is the best wood for making a subwoofer box?

If your thinking about building  your own speaker box enclosure you will need to use the correct wood. This is because in order to gain great sound quality and loudness from your driver. Many people want to build there own custom made enclosure for there own purpose for a speaker or subwoofer. But in order build  the enclosure you need wood. Wood is the most important part as a building material for a enclosure because the wood itself constructs the box. Most professional people who design and build car audio enclosures for a living always use mdf wood because it is quite cheap and common to buy from a DIY store. Mdf wood stands for medium density fiberboard. Mdf is great for making ported and sealed subwoofer boxes and other types of speaker design enclosures. This is because it is a building material that is strong and durable and it can take hard hitting beatings from a subwoofer. So don't buy cheap quality wood for a sound quality build because it will later result in a complete waste of time. As well as mdf wood chipboard and plywood wood is also great and ideal for construing a enclosure because its cheap and is light weight making it easier to transport.

Always remember that the thickness of the wood itself matters. This is because the more thicker the wood is the more stronger your enclosure will be. I suggest you only buy thick wood for a huge powerful subwoofer because a powerful subwoofer will have more air pressure and will cause more bigger bass vibrations. If your going to make a small basic enclosure then i do recommend you using mdf wood that is 3/4 inches because it will make a solid baffle structure for less money. The general rule is the more thicker the wood is the more stronger it will make your enclosure, as i explained in the beginning.

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