How to fix the Sony Ericsson c903 speaker problem

The Sony Ericsson c903 has being facing issues with the speaker because many owners of this slider handset are facing the frustrating speaker not working problem. I also experienced having the same speaker problem with my own c903 handset. The other day i was listening to some music, through the loud speaker. Everything was working fine as it should, until the music speaker stopped working. The loudspeaker was no longer working anymore, but i did fix it and found out the problem why it happen in the first place.

The problem with this device was the firmware files for the loudspeaker to operate were corrupted. If a file is corrupt it is damaged, and can no longer function. So the only option left was to update the firmware to the latest version. I then updated my device to the latest up-to-date software version and yes it resolved the speaker problem instantly. So you can fix your c903 yourself, simply by using a computer with internet access, updating software and a usb cable to update the firmware.

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