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5 Top Tips on how to keep your Xbox 360 dust free

Having a dust Xbox 360 under your telly can increase the chance of the red rings on death displayed. This is because dust can make the console overheat during the operation of the console. This is because the dust blocks air ventilation and the console exhaust fans struggles to get the hot air out of the console. But don't worry that much about it because i have some simple solution that can keep your Xbox console dust free for the future.

1)Make sure the environment around the console is dust and dirt free. If your console is placed on a carpet, make sure you have the carpet has no dust. But still i don't recommend placing your console on a carpet because it blocks air ventilation and can increase the chance of overheating. I suggest if you want a dust free and cool console you place it on a clean flat surface such as a table or desk.

2)Every so often get a small powered hoover and clean the rear of the console and the fans. Doing this will keep your Xbox dust free for around about 2 weeks. Also hoovering the insides of  your console will also make it much more cooler and more happy!

3)Don't place any objects near the Xbox console because they can also block air ventilation.

4)Wipe the console clean with a soft damp cloth every 2 weeks.

5)Don't play with the Xbox console for a long period of time. The more longer you play on it the more dust the fans bring into the Xbox.
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