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How to stop your car amp blowing fuse

Why is my car amp blowing fuses?

If your car amplifier blows a fuse every time, when you attempt to power it on, there is a problem. The problem could be with the power cable that connects the car amplifier directly to the car battery. Check the power wire and see if there is any cuts or copper oxide damage to the braid. If there is replacing your wiring should prevent you amp from blowing another fuse.

If you have mounted you car amplifier on a surface that is metal, that can be causing it as well. So unscrew you amp from the metal and place it on the floor for temporary and power on you car amp. If your fuse blow popped again. mount back your car amp were you unscrewed it from because it not the cause to the problem.

You could also have the wrong size fuse in your fuse holder. Check you manufacturers manual, to find  out accurately what amp fuse is needed.

Are your speaker wires touching each other? If they are that can cause the amp to short out and blow a fuse.

Check you grounding connection, is it touching the metal part of your car's bodywork? If the ground is poor, you car amplifier will not power itself on and keeping blowing fuses up, until it has been resolved.

Below is a video that shows you how to make a good ground connection

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