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How To Clean a Car CD Player Lens Without a Cleaning Disc

If your car CD player skips frequently or is not reading discs, it is probably because the laser lens is dirty. To resolve these problems, you will need to clean laser lens on the car CD player. If you want to clean your car cd player's lens and you don't have a cleaning kit, that includes a cleaning disc, then i have a another solution to clean the laser lens.

Instructions on how to clean a car CD player without a cleaning disc, that cleans the laser lens:

1)Take the CD out of the car CD player.

1)You will need to dissemble you car CD player and a correct head screwdriver will be necessary, in order to open the screws.

2)Once you have opened the screws, gently remove the top metal cover off the car CD player and place it in a safe location.

3)You will now see a CD drive mechanism, and you will see a laser lens. Get hold of some rubbing alcohol and pour a little onto the ear bud. If you don't have rubbing alcohol, you can use soapy water, as it does the same job. Using a ear bud, gently clean the lens with care and don't clean in any sort of circular motion because it will cause scraches.

4)Reassemble your CD player back to it's original condition and you will have successfully cleaned the laser on your car CD player, without having to buy a cleaner disc.
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  1. Yes, I can see inside of a CD pocket but NOT the lens! Where is it????


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