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How To Clean a Car Air Filter

Cleaning your car's air filter is ideal because sometimes it can get blocked with dirt, which can reflect on the performance and fuel economy on your car.

Cleaning a car air filter is easy, below are simplified instruction to help you clean the air filter that is in your car:

1)Pop up the hood and look carefully, you will need to find the location where the air filter is placed. In most cars, the air filter is placed inside a black colour plastic box. Once you have spotted were the black box is located, you will need to undo the clips around the sides of the black box, this is so you can get access to the car's air filter.

2)Once you have undone all the clips, the top cover will come off.

3)Once you have removed the top cover of the air filter system, using your hands remove the air filter and hold it towards a location were there is plenty of sunlight. Can you see light through the air filter? If you can't you will need to continue with the cleaning process. If you can see through the air filter, then cleaning it will not be necessary.

4)Using a degreaser cleaning fluid, pour it into a spare bucket and add warm water to it. Using your hands, place the air filter into the bucket with the decreaser substance, to begin the process of cleaning a car air filter. Leave the car air filter in the bucket for at least 18 minutes.

5)Remove the air filter from the bucket and using a hair dryer, dry the air filter.

6)Once the air filter is dried, place the it back into the black plastic box, replace the top cover and clip the clips back on and close your hood.
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  1. Many thanks for this. A complete novice here and was worried about breaking the air filters while trying to clean them. Brilliant help.


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