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How To Fix a PSP White Screen Of Death Problem

If your psp console has a white screen displayed, you can fix this problem yourself, to resolve this problem, below are solutions that you can apply your psp console to remove the white screen that is displayed on a psp console:

1)Remove the battery from the psp for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes reinsert the battery back into the psp and power it on. Sometimes the firmware running on the psp can lock up and can cause a blank, white screen to appear on the psp's screen display.

1)Sometimes the back light cable and screen cable can become loose. The back light cable provides power to light the screen up, the screen cable provides a display data to the screen, if any of these cables is loose, your psp will display a blank screen. To get access to the back light and screen cable, you will need to dissemble your psp.

2)The firmware on the psp can be corrupted, damaged or bricked. So update the firmware on the psp that has a white screen, you may require a pandora battery and magic memory stick, as you can't run the official update, as you can't see what is on the screen. If you can't update the firmware on the psp because there is no update available, then reinstall the firmware instead.

4)Replace the LCD screen, as the screen that is currently inside your psp might be damaged, or faulty. When ordering a replacement screen, make sure it is a genuine replacement part, as the fake screens do not last as long.
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