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How To Reset a Nokia N97 Mini To Factory Settings

If you want to hard reset your Nokia n97 mini and restore the phone's firmware to factory settings, below are the instructions:

1)Turn off the Nokia n97 mini.

2)In order to hard reset the Nokia n97 mini, you will need to hold four buttons, at the same time.

3)The buttons that you need to hold, on your Nokia n97 mini's keypad are: on button+right shift+space bar+delete.
4)If you have hold the buttons correctly, your mobile phone will reboot and will start the hard reset process.

If you want to soft reset your Nokia n97, then the instructions are below:

1)Power on your Nokia n97 mini.

2)Once it is powered on, enter the following soft reset code: *7780#.

3)Once you have entered that soft reset code into the keypad, your Nokia n97 will restart and it will be successfully soft reset.
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  1. thank you! it helped ;-)

  2. thank you so much :D

  3. Thanks, good service and support. Really worked!!

  4. why does it always ome back on with "enter lock code" after hard reset? Or did i do it wrong? My son forgot the code so i need to get it going again :/ HELP!!

  5. thank you it helped us..!!!!


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