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How To Fix a Petrol Lawnmower Engine That Won't Start Up

Every time you want to cut the grass but the lawnmower doesn't start?  Don't worry i have the solutions:

1)If your lawnmower starts up by pulling a pull start cord, pull the cord more harder. Sometimes people don't pull it with great force, as they thing they cord will snap and break, but if you don't give it a good pull, it will not start the engine.

2)If your petrol lawnmower's engine still won't start up and will not run, then make sure the lawnmower has petrol remaining inside its fuel tank. Sometimes what can happen is you don't realize the there is no gas left in it, so check the how much is renaming. If there is no or little petrol remaining, add petrol into the lawnmower's engine, stop until the filling level is reached its maximum, or the petrol inside the engine will overflow and will pour out all over your lawnmower. Once you have topped it up with petrol, try pumping the fuel through and then start up your lawnmower.

3)Locate and remove the spark plug that is inside your lawnmower's engine. If the spark plugs looks dirty, clean it using a tissue. If it looks corroded, then the spark plug is damaged and will need replacing because it can't create a spark to create combustion, which is the reason why your lawnmower will not start up.

4)Locate and remove the air filter from the carburetor. If the air filter is made from a sponge materiel, then clean the air filter, this is by washing it in soapy warm water and give it a quick rinse with cold water. If the air filter is made out of paper, tap it against a wall, this is to shake out any dirt. Once you have cleaned it, replace the air filter back into the lawnmower's carburetor.
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