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How To Test To Make Sure If a Car Heater Blower Fan Is Faulty

If you are not 100% certain that the car heater blower fan is faulty and not sure if it is the cause for your car's heating system to not work, then you will require a 12v car battery, a wire stripper and 2 pieces of ordinary electrical wire to test it.

1)First you will have to locate the car heater blower motor inside your car, usually it is found underneath the hood of the car. If your struggling to find the car heater blower motor inside your car, i suggest you post a thread in a appropriate car forum, asking where it is located, as somebody might know.

2)Once you have located the motor, usually on most of them you will see two spade connectors, that will have wires connected to them, remove them both.

3)Using a wire stripper, remove a sensible amount of insulation coating off both end of the two electrical wires. Then connect both wires onto both positive and negative terminals that are found on the motor, this is by twisting the braid around each spade connector.

4)Once the connection are made to the blower motor, connect the positive and negative wires onto the correct posts onto the battery, matching the correct polarity.

5)Once all the connects have been made, the motor inside the car heater blower will spin, if not, you have tested that it is faulty.
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