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How To Fix a Portable DVD Player Thats Not Reading or Loading Discs

If you own a portable DVD player and you insert a DVD movie into it and it doesn't load, read it or says 'no disc', then make sure that the DVD movie is a original copy. Some portable DVD player come with copyright protection and will not allow it to play a copy of a DVD. If you are trying to play a copy creaated from a original DVD movie, then this time insert a original copy into the portable DVD player. If the original movie works, then the portable DVD player has copyright protection, which was the cause to this problem. If the original copy doesn't load, then i suggest the lens of the laser could be dirty. If the laser is dirty, it can't read data from the disc correctly, so you will need a ear bud and a bottle of rubbing alcohol to clean it.

Before cleaning the laser lens, make sure the portable DVD player is turned, as you don't want to clean the laser lens when it is operating, as you may stare into it by accident, which can cause damage to your eyes.
To clean the laser lens, simply eject the disc tray flap remove the disk, the laser lens will then be exposed. Then pour a sensible amount of rubbing alcohol onto one end of the ear bud and clean the lens of the laser, upwards and downward gently. Don't scrub the ear bud onto the laser lens, because it will not clean it better, instead it will make the situation worse because it will cause the lens of the laser to get scratched. Once you have cleaned it, let the rubbing alcohol evaporate for 30 seconds. Then reinsert a DVD movie, does the player now read the disc?

If it doesn't, the laser lens is likely to be burned out, due to wear and tear. So you will need to order a replacement laser lens and replace it with the current laser in the portable DVD player.
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  1. My portable DVD player screen turned all white, and now the picture and sound barely works. It could be the laser, but I don't know. It still works when I plug it into a TV, I just can't seem to watch it by itself anymore.

  2. My DVD player was playing a DVD then just froze, now all its showing is no disc.


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