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How To Fix a PS3 Black Screen On Startup On a TV

If you ps3 console when turned on displays a black screen on your television, instead of the XBM menu like it should, then the display settings can be incorrect and not compatible with your TV. To resolve this issue, you will need to reset the video output settings that are currently configured on your ps3 console to default factory settings. To reset the video output settings on your ps3 console, make the ps3 in standby mode and then hold down the power button until the console makes a beep sound. Now turn back on the PlayStation 3 console and the display settings will be reset and hopefully get rid of the black screen displayed on your television.

If resetting the video output display settings don't fix the black screen on the startup of the console, then make sure the hdmi lead is correctly plugged into your TV and console correctly. Loose connections are known to cause a black screen on startup and during game play on most gaming consoles. If you have reset the display settings on the ps3 console and also made sure the connections to the television and console are correct, then the gpu inside the ps3 can be damaged, which can be the cause for black screen problems in some games.
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  1. Thanks for sharing. It seems like I got this problem because I used my ps3 with my other TV and the video output setting needed readjusting.


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