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How To Fix a Xbox 360 USB Port Thats Not Working

If you are plugging something like an usb flash drive into the usb ports found on the front of the Xbox 360 console and it is not working, try plugging it into your computer or laptop. If the usb flash drive works on your computer or laptop and it doesn’t work on the Xbox 360 console, sometimes the usb port can be damaged, so insert it into the other usb port found on the rear of the console. If that doesn’t work, then I suggest you update the firmware on the Xbox 360 console, as the recent update included compatibility with an usb flash drive, if you have the old firmware on your Xbox 360, the usb flash drive will not work. If updating doesn’t work, then the flash drive is not compatible with the Xbox 360 console. So I advise you to get the official usb flash drive that Microsoft have created specifically for the Xbox 360 console, as that is guaranteed to work.
If you are experiencing problems with connecting a wired controller or HD DVD drive to the usb ports on the Xbox 360 console, then make sure the usb plug is firmly connected into the usb port. Loose connections are known to cause usb problems. If the connections look good, then the metal contacts inside the usb port can become dirty and dusty, if this happens it will reduce the conductivity of the metal contacts, making the usb port not function as it should. So get a can of compressed air, you can buy it from all computer shops and give the all of the usb ports on the console a good spray. This will blow out all of the dust and dirt that is on the metal contacts, hopefully this should solve the problem.
Once you have cleaned all of them out, insert your usb device you were having problems with, if it works then the dust on the metal contacts were the cause to this problem.  If it doesn’t work again, then try a different usb port, as the one that you are using for your usb device can be damaged. If it still doesn’t work, then there is something wrong with the all of the usb port, so this is a hardware problem. Remove the usb device from the usb port and Look inside all the usb ports carefully, look for any metal contacts that are bent and are out of shape. If seen, then turn off your Xbox 360 console, get a flat head screwdriver and straighten them out.
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