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The Symptoms Your Car Will Show When a Spark Plug is Dirty and Bad

Sometimes giving the spark plugs that are damaged a quick clean can restore them and make then function like brand new again, which can save you money. If your car or motorcycle is getting the following symptoms that are listed below, the spark plugs inside the engine are showing signs that they are bad:

There is nothing wrong with the car battery and car starter motor, is it difficulty starting up your car harder than usual?

Does your car produce poor fuel consumption then the car manufacture has recommend in the specifications that are listed in the user manual?

Does your car pick up slow, in other words does your car have poor and laggy acceleration when the car takes off?

Does your car engine stall frequently, when the car engine is idling in traffic?

If yes is the answer to the one of the questions that are above, it is recommend you check if the spark plugs need cleaning or even replacing.
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