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How To Clean & Restore a Car Spark Plug

A spark plug plays a import role in a car's engine because without a spark plug, the car engine will not start up. The purpose of a car engine requiring a spark plug is to create an electrical spark, that spark then ignites the air and gas inside the car engine, which starts up the engine. Sometimes the bit were the spark plug creates a electrical spark can become dirty. Symptoms of a dirty car spark plug can be if your car is giving out poor fuel mileage, your car fails to start in the morning and has poor acceleration, then the spark plug may need a quick clean. A spark plug needs regular maintenance attention, which will involve you to clean a spark plug, which will restore a spark plug that is not working properly.

To clean a dirty spark plug you will need to locate and check all the spark plugs that are plugged into your car's engine. Remove each spark plugs individually and examine it carefully, does it look black and dirty?

If some spark plugs look clean and in good physical condition, it will not be necessary to clean them. If the spark plugs looks in bad condition, simply buy a break parts cleaning solution, that is available from major car shops or places like Ebay. A brake cleaning solution will help clean towards breaking up built up moisture, and remaining dirt on the spark plug itself.

Most break cleaning solutions will come in a spray can, so get the spark plug that is not in good condition and spray it onto the spark plug. Then using a brush that has wires, scrub the break cleaning solution onto the the spark plug, doing it slowly and gently. Once you have given it a good scrub and then replace the spark plug back into the engine. Apply restoring method for all the spark plugs that are dirty.
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