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Which Type Of Blank Discs Do I need To Burn Xbox 360 Games?

If you have flashed the firmware on your Xbox 360 drive, your console has the ability to play backup games. This means that you can burn a copy of a original game you already own, in case the original copy gets scratched, so you don't have to buy it again. Xbox 360 games are large and are burned onto a dual layer disc. This disc has two layers, each layer is 4.25Gb making a total of 8.5GB. Dual layer discs can be bought cheap off places like Ebay, but cheap discs sometimes don't work properly because the build quality is just crap. Many people who create backup Xbox 360 games recommend that the brand called 'Verbatim' make best reliable blank discs. But before buying dual layer blank media discs, there are two types, a minus (-) and a plus (+). You will have to find out which type your DVD rewriter takes. You don't want to buy a pack of 25 Verbatim discs and they are not compatible with your DVD burner, as that will be a waste of money.
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