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How To Connect a CB Radio To a Home Power Supply Unit (PSU)

If you have a CB radio and you want to use it in your home, then you will need a power supply unit that can supply 12 volts to the CB radio, the same voltage a car battery produces. Buying the correct type of power supply unit is vital because they come in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 amps. You want a power supply unit that matches how many amps your CB radio uses, when you key the microphone. In general, to find out how many amps your CB radio requires, it usually states it in the back of the use manual. If its not in there, go by the fuse, inside the fuse holder, if the fuse is 20 amps, your psu will need to be 20 amps.

Once you have the correct power supply unit for your CB radio, use the institutions below to hook it up to your rig:

1)Plug the power supply unit's plug into a electrical outlet, don't turn it on and don't turn on the power switch on the psu.

2)There will be two terminals on the psu, on coloured red and the other one coloured black, unscrew them both.

3)Once you have unscrewed both terminals, insert the black colour wire into the black terminal and the red wire into the red colour terminal. Make sure the colours of the wires are not the other way round, if they are, you will blow up your rig.

4)Screw up both terminals.

5)Turn on the electrical outlet, then turn on the power supply unit and finally turn on your CB radio.
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