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How To Fix a Car Window That is Off Track

A common thing that happens to the driver's side car window, is that it gets stuck, when a drivers side window is stuck, it usually shows a clue that the window is off track, the track inside the actual door frame. If your driver's side window is automatic or manual, it still moves up and down by rollers on a track. You could go to a car window technician to get it fixed, but you can do it yourself, as it is not that hard to sort out this problem.


1)Revise a diagram of the driver's side door, they can be found online or library or usually in the back of your cars user manual. Hidden screws that hold the door card onto the actual car door can't be found easily and can be hard to reach and unscrew. So it would be best if you could get a repair manual to help you figure out how you can disassemble the door.

2)Use an appropriate size head screwdriver to unscrew and remove the window cranks, armrest, cup holders and anything else that is held on the door. Then remove the screws securing the door panel to the door.

3)Now remove the door panel from the actual door. Now examine if the window rollers are lined up in their tracks.

4)Look at the rollers really carefully, this is to see if they are worn, if they are worn, you would need to replace them. You can purchase new rollers from your local car dealer or from the internet.

5)Line up the window and the rollers, making sure that they are in the track properly. Then clean off any
filth, dust or grease from the windows apparatus.

6)Then add some fresh lubricant onto the rollers and the tracks.

7)Secure the door panel over the interior of the actual car door. Once you have done that, reinstall the window roller, ( if it is a manual window) and other attachments that go with the door.
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