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How To Stop Your Car From Shaking When at Idle

If your car shakes, when it is at idle, during traffic, it can get annoying, as the complete car shakes, even the steering wheel shakes, making your hands vibrate! If you find that your car is shaking when stopping and you find it a problem, then the solutions to resolve it are provided for you below:

1)If your car shakes when you step on the brakes, while driving and your car shakes like mad, then i would certainly suggest you to have a garage to measure the rotors, this is to work out if they can be turned, or if they are faulty because if they are warped, then they can replace them for your car. Basically a rotor is what the brakes pads grabs, to stop the car to a halt. If the rotors are warped, is means that when apply the brakes, it will cause the car to shake.

2)The fuel filter could be clogged up. So locate it and examine it, if it looks in a bad state, then it is clogged up, so replace it with a brand new fuel filter, as they are not worth the hassle to clean, as it is cheap to replace anyway.

3)Check all the spark plugs are firing correctly. If any spark plugs are misfiring, that can cause the car to struggle to start up and shake.

4)The idle rpm for your car could be set to low, so increase it slightly, this is by adjusting the accelerator linkage.

5)Your car could be hungry for fuel, check the fuel gauge on your car, if it is showing that the fuel tank is almost empty, top it up with more fuel.

6)Check if the motor mount is broken, if it is, replace it.

7)Your car may need to get wheel balanced, as the wheels can be out of balance, if any one wheel is out of balance, it can add more weight around one part of a wheel, this can cause shaky vibrations at idle and at high speed.
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