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How To Unlock a Car Door With a Cell Phone In Seconds

If you have left your car keys and your car doors open by using the remote button control, then you have probably lost that as well and you can't open your car doors. This can be stressful, but if you have a friend with a mobile, you also have a mobile phone and have a spare remote button control, you can open your locked car doors in seconds, it is easy.

1)Give your friend the spare remote button control and tell him or her to have some credit on their mobile phone, this is so he or she can call you.

2)Tell your friend to then call you on your mobile phone.

3)When your cell phone rings, answer and tell your friend to point the spare remote button control near their cell phones antenna, on most phones it is found at the top.

4)When your friend has done that, stand about a foot away from your car and point your mobile phone towards the car.

5)The car doors will then unlock, you can then end the call and then request for your friend to return the spare remote button control back to you.
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