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How To Clean a Memory Card For a Camera

If you have a memory card for your digital camera and it is dirty or dusty, then it may cause a malfunction for the camera to recognize it. This problem can be cause because of dust and dirt on the metal contacts, as this can reduce the conductivity of the metal contacts on the memory card, with the camera, so you will need to give the memory card a quick clean, to make it function correctly and make also look brand new.


1)Remove the memory card from your camera, most cameras have a flap that says "Insert Memory Card" or something similar. What you want to do is open the flap; this can be done by inserting your nail into the side of it.

2)Then push in the memory card, it will then click out of  its holder and then remove itself from the camera.

3)Get a random lint free cloth and pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto the gold contacts found on the memory card.

4)Rub the rubbing alcohol onto the metal contacts on the memory card, when cleaning them, clean them with ease and try not to scrub them really hard, as it will wear off the metal and destroy the memory card altogether.

5)If the plastic on the memory card is dirty, pour a little amount of rubbing alcohol onto the plastic, then using your cloth, wipe it off.

6)Leave the memory card alone for 5 minutes, this is so the rubbing alcohol is dried off.

7)Insert the memory card back into your camera, this is by pushing it in, it will then lock itself in place and then you can close the "Memory Card" flap.
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