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How To Fix a PSP Console That Will Not Play MP4 Movie Videos

A psp has a large screen, with a decent pixel resolution, to watch movies and have a great watching experience. A psp also has compatibility with large capacity memory sticks, so you can store high quality mp4 movie files onto it and watch then on your psp console. Overall a psp console is great for mp4 videos, however, some users experience that there psp console will not play mp4 videos, if that is the case, the solutions to help you find a fix to the problem are below:

1)Make sure the mp4 video file is placed in the correct folder and location. If you have placed the mp4 video file on the root of the memory card, the psp will not find the mp4 file. So make sure the mp4 file is placed in the folder called "VIDEO". If there is no folder called "VIDEO" on the memory stick, create and make sure you spell the word video in capitals.

2)Make sure that the mp4 file you want to play on your psp console is named .mp4. If the file has a name, but doesn't have the .mp4 at the end of it, that can be a reason why the psp will not play the mp4 movie. This is because the psp can't recognize that it is a mp4 file.

3)If you have used a special program to convert the video to mp4 video format and transfer it automatically to your psp memory stick, some programs don't work as well as others and you are probably using a program that is buggy. The program that i use is called "Psp video 9", its a free psp video converter that works, without any bugs. So give it a try.

4)Make sure the mp4 video file is not corrupted. Corrupted means that some of the data in the file is either damaged or lost, this can happen when you unplug your psp console from the computer, when the psp video converter software is copying the mp4 file onto the memory stick. So create a fresh mp4 file, from the original source, if that doesn't work, the original source is corrupt.
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