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How To Clean a Xbox 360 Disc Tray

A Xbox 360 uses a disc tray, so you can remove and insert discs into the console's disc drive. The disc tray collects dust from dusty game discs that dust can then get onto the lens of the laser to be built up, causing disc errors to appear in the future, when trying to play movies or games. So why let dust to the damage, its best to remove the dust on the plastic surface of the disc tray, before it gets onto the laser lens and causes more problems for you.

1)Power on your Xbox 360 console, this is by pressing the circular shaped button with a power indicator logo on it. When the Xbox 360 console is powered on, the power indicator logo will light up green. 

2)You need to press the "Eject" button to make the disc tray pop out, the eject button is found on the left side of the drives plastic bezle.

3)Once pressed the disc tray will open, if there is a disc placed inside it, remove it.

4)Get a lint free soft cleaning cloth and wipe off the dust off the disc tray. If the dust is too much to clear up with a cloth, get a vacuum cleaner and use the nozzle to suck up the dust.

5)Replace the disc back into the disc tray and then press the "Eject" button, the disc tray will close and is dust free.
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