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Can You Play & Watch DVDs On a Orginal Old Xbox Console?

The Xbox was Microsoft's first generation gaming console and was released in 2001 for North America and in 2002 for both Japan and Europe regions. The games that are created for use with the Xbox console are burned onto dual layer DVD discs. So technically, the Xbox disc drive does have the ability to read any discs that are DVD based. Which is why the Xbox console has DVD playback integrated into the system, so you can use it to DVD watch movies without the need of a separate DVD player in your household. 

Even though the Xbox console does have the functionality to play DVD movies, but in order to make the console make use of it, you will need the optional Xbox DVD Movie Playback kit. The kit costs around £5 and contains a remote control, along with a infrared sensor for use with the Xbox console. Without the Xbox DVD Movie Playback kit, DVD movies will not play be supported by the Xbox console and will come up with an onscreen error. Setting up the Xbox Movie Playback kit on your Xbox console is a straightforward process and will only take a couple of minutes.

Instructions on how to setup a Xbox DVD playback kit

1) Remove the battery lid from the DVD playback remote control. Insert two brand new AAA sized batteries into the battery compartment with correct positive and negative polarity. Inserting the batteries the wrong way round will not make the remote control function, so get it right the first time.

2) The infrared sensor is required so the DVD playback remote control can function with the Xbox console. The infrared sensor also contains a special chip that makes the Xbox console support DVD movie playback. So connect the infrared sensor that is supplied with your Xbox Movie Playback kit into any available controller port found on the front of your Xbox console.

3) Press the 'Eject' button on the Xbox console to eject the disc tray out. Then insert a DVD movie of your choice into the disc tray and press the 'Eject' button again to close it. The Xbox console will now load the DVD movie and will automatically configure the remote control with your console. You will then able to use the DVD playback remote control to navigate through the DVD menu and use its other functions.
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