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How To Connect PS2 EyeToy Camera To PS3 Console Using USB

Along with the PS2 console, in October 2003 Sony released the EyeToy Camera for use with particular EyeToy compatible games such as EyeToy Play, EyeToy Groove, The Sims 2 and SingStar. The EyeToy uses just one connection to make it functional with the PS2 console, which is through USB. Once the USB connector is plugged into a USB port found on the front of your PS2 console, it will power on and will automatically link the EyeToy Camera to your PS2. If you have a PS3 fat console that has backwards compatibility with PS2 games, you can also plug in your PS2 EyeToy Camera and it will still work. This is because the PS3 also supports USB connections, just like the PlayStation 2 did. Not only can you use it for PS2 compatible EyeToy games on your PS3 console, you can also use it to video chat with your friends online on PSN, since it has an integrated microphone.

1) Power on you PS3 console by pressing the 'Reset' button, the LED indicator will turn green. Press the 'Eject' button, remove the game disc that's already in the disc drive and replace it with an EyeToy compatible game.

2) The EyeToy camera has a wire attached to it, thats found at that back of it, which has a USB connector at the end of it. Locate the available USB ports on your PS3 console, they will be found on the bottom left side of the console. Once you have found a USB port that you are not using, insert the USB connector of the EyeToy camera into it. If connected properly, a blue color LED indicator found on the EyeToy camera will light up.

3) Next you will need to position your EyeToy camera by placing it on top of your television at a good angle facing you. Then stand back from your television 5 to 7 feet away and using the EyeToy compatible game, adjust the different camera angles until you find the sweet spot.
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