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How To Remove a Stuck Car Cigarette Lighter Thats Jammed In Socket

A car cigarette lighter is used to light a cigarette. The cigarette lighter works by pushing the button in, when the metal elements found at the bottom are heated up, the lighter will pop out of the cigarette lighter socket. You can then pull it out and use the end of cigarette lighter to light up your cigarette. If you push down the button on your cigarette lighter in your car and it doesn't pop out after a couple of minutes, then it is likely to be a faulty spring inside it. The cigarette lighters spring is probably broken or worn out, due to wear and tear over the years of it being used. This can also be a problem for non smokers because you can't remove the cigarette lighter and insert your mobile phone or sat nav charger into it. Usually, replacing the broken cigarette lighter with a new one will fix this problem. But first you will need to remove the current broken cigarette lighter thats stuck in the socket.

1) You will need to turn off the car's ignition. This is to cut the power going to the cigarette lighter, ensuring that it is safe for you to poke and prod the cigarette socket with a screwdriver and so you don't short circuit anything.

2) You will need to insert a small flat head screwdriver into the gap around the cigarette lighter and socket. This will loosen up the cigarette lighter from the socket and will make it easier to remove it manually. Once the screwdriver is inserted you don't need to remove it at this stage.

3) Holding the top part of the cigarette lighter, keep twisting it slowly clockwise and pull it outwards until it gradually becomes detached from the cigarette lighter socket.

4) Once the faulty cigarette lighter is removed from the cigarette socket, remove the screwdriver you inserted earlier on and remember not to throw the faulty cigarette lighter away just yet. You can now go ahead with ordering a brand new replacement cigarette lighter and fitting it into the socket. Use the broken cigarette lighter as guidance to identify the correct one required for your car at your local autoparts store.
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