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How To Format Your PSP Memory Stick On a Computer (PC)

Applying a reformat to your psp memory stick will permanently erase all of the data that is currently stored onto its storage capacity. You may want to format your psp memory stick if you want to optimize its performance and remove corrupted data that you manually can't delete off it. There are many different methods available to format your psp memory stick, but the most ideal would be to format it using a computer. This is because it gives you full control and provides more formatting options. Remember to backup important data that is currently on your psp memory card you want to format, data such as game saves, music, photos and video files. This is because they will be permanently gone when formatted and you will not be able to retrieve that data when a format is completed.
So how do i format my PSP memory stick using a PC?

1)  Remove your psp memory stick from your psp handheld console. So using your finger,  pull out the tab that covers the memory card,  press the memory card in and it will click out of its slot.

2) Insert the memory stick that you have just removed into the memory card reader found on the front panel of your computer. 

3) Open 'My Computer' and find your psp memory stick, it will be under 'Devices with Removable Storage'. Once you have located it, using your mouse select the memory stick, right click and select the 'Format' option from the drop down menu. 

4) A formatting tool will appear onscreen, ensure that the 'File System' option is set to 'FAT 32'. Also ensure that the 'Quick Format' option is unchecked. Then click onto the 'Format' button, the formatting software will now begin to format all of the data found on the memory stick. 

5) When the format on the psp memory stick is finished, a message will appear 'Format Completed'. You can now remove the psp memory stick from the PC's memory card reader and reinsert it back into your psp console.
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